Iron Ochre Drain System

The WaterGuard®: IOS Iron Ochre Drain Tile System

What It Does:

In some uncommon cases, a home with high levels of iron or manganese levels in the groundwater around a foundation will support the growth of an organism known as iron bacteria.

This bacteria creates a substance known as iron ochre which is not known to be a health hazard but can quickly clog up in a basement drain. It also gives off a foul odour and leaves rust-colored stains on whatever it touches.

Our WaterGuard® IOS (Iron Ochre System) Drain Channel is the ideal way to manage this troublesome problem. Its wide-open drain resists clogs, while a removable lid makes access to the drain system easy.

Advantages To Our System:

  • A Wide Drainage Channel
  • Large, Clog-Resistant Drain Channels
  • A Removable Lid That Allows For Routine Cleaning & Maintenance
  • A Wall Flange That Extends Upwards To Collect Water From The Basement Walls
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Iron ochre laden water on a concrete basement floor, staining everything.

Iron ochre is typically rust-coloured, but can also be yellow, brown, or gray. This slimy, gelatinous material will stain nearly any surface it touches.

What Is Iron Ochre & Iron Bacteria?

Iron bacteria lives by oxidizing minerals dissolved in water, particularly ferrous iron and sometimes manganese. Its waste product is a thick slime or ooze that's usually reddish brown in colour.

Iron ochre will stain anything it touches, give off a swampy, musty smell, and ruin the taste of drinking water. The stains can also show up on laundry if the line contains iron-ochre tainted water.

Clogged Pipes & Drain Tile Systems

Iron ochre buildup will attach to the inside of pipes, forming layers of reddish sludge. Over time, these layers will completely block the pipes, and can even lead to the breakdown of the pipes themselves, as the bacteria uses the iron of the pipes as a mineral source.

We Waterproof Basements With Iron Bacteria & Iron Ochre Problems!

We have solutions for even the most challenging issues with wet basements -- including problems related to iron ochre and iron bacteria. Our drain system is custom-designed to handle this unique situation -- and is the ONLY cleanable, flushable iron ochre system of its kind!

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