Pump Flooding Issues

My Sump Pump Is Overwhelmed!

A diagram of a water-powered sump pump system.

Water-powered sump pumps and other models are built with a notoriously low-capacity design.

These systems often fail to stop all intruding groundwater from flooding into a home.

Even with a sump pump system installed in your home, you may still experience basement flooding if your system becomes overwhelmed.

Preparing yourself today for a sump pump being overwhelmed will prevent a potentially serious flood in the future.

What Causes A Working Sump Pump To Flood:

  • The sump pump system is not powerful enough to keep up with the flooding water during normal rains.
  • Heavy rains and/or seasonal thaws result in an unusually large amount of groundwater.
  • Ice or some other obstruction in the discharge line is slowing down the water flow.

At Basement Systems UK, our contractors can help you design a system that's powerful enough to keep your basement dry, while avoiding the most common sump pump problems -- including frozen discharge lines.

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A sump pump installed in a sump pit that is in need of service.

Our TripleSafe Sump Pump System (shown in the cutaway view above) includes a primary pump, a powerful secondary pump, and a battery backup that's capable of pumping over 11,500 gallons on a single charge.

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How to Protect Yourself From Flooding

Operational sump pumps flood most often when they face a volume of water that's too much for the system to keep up with.

In most cases, simply designing the system properly -- so that there are enough pumps in place to handle the size of the basement and the typical water volumes -- is enough to keep the space dry.

However, there will be a time when the rainfalls are heavier than they've been in years. When this happens, we hear of homeowners who are suddenly facing three feet of water or more in their home.

Installing a secondary sump pump system in your home is an excellent way to protect your home from these unexpected water volumes. The secondary pump can work together with the primary pump to address high water volumes or it can turn on if the primary pump should fail. To protect from obstructed discharge lines, a grated opening at the base of the system can give water a secondary way out.

We Can Install An Award-Winning Sump Pump System In Your Home!

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