Sub Floor Void Waterproofing

Sub-floor void mould & moisture control

Sub-Floor Void Encapsulation in Manchester

Sealing out moisture. Completely lining the sub-floor void with a thick, durable waterproof membrane is a major step in the "encapsulation" process that keeps moisture out of this space.

There's a reason why Americans refer to a sub-floor void as a "crawl space." This small, cramped area beneath the main floor of a house doesn't have sufficient headroom to qualify as a basement or cellar. Because there's rarely a reason to venture into a sub-floor void, this part of the house is often overlooked until signs of mould and moisture damage start be become evident.

A dark, damp space that has an ample supply of cellulose (in the form of wood) provides an ideal habitat for mould. Unfortunately, many sub-floor voids provide this mould-friendly environment. Mould that establishes a foothold on wood surfaces will eventually become wood rot that can lead to structural problems like sagging or collapsing floors. Mould also creates a health hazard because it reproduces by means of airborne spores that can contaminate the air above a sub-floor void.

Sub-Floor Void Encapsulation in Manchester

Effective water management. In order to stay dry, some sub-floor voids need to have a drainage tile and sump pump system that collects and ejects water from the space.

Sealing a sub-floor void protects the well-being of a building and its inhabitants

Basement Systems GB has the training, tools and materials to put an end to mould and moisture problems in sub-floor voids. Our system for transforming damp basements and sub-floor voids into clean, dry spaces has been developed and refined for over 25 years by an international network of contractors. Our exclusive access to patented drainage, sealing and waterproofing products enables us to provide affordable, effective and warrantied solutions to moisture problems.

Instead of allowing a sub-floor void to interact with soil and outdoor air that are saturated with moisture, our strategy typically calls for a drainage and sump pump system to remove water, and durable waterproof membranes to keep moisture out of the space beneath a building. This technique has proven to be the most fail-safe strategy for eliminating mould and moisture problems in basements and sub-floor voids.

Mould and moisture problems that originate in a sub-floor void pose a threat to human health and a building's structural integrity. Call today to schedule a free inspection of your sub-floor void. Basement Systems GB can transform a damp, musty sub-floor void into a dry, clean space.

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